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At the moment there are 3 test levels with a strong increase in difficulty 😆

[Arrow Keys or WASD -> Walk | Space -> Jump | ESC -> pause] 

When Jack was born, he immediately realized there was something wrong with him. While all the other children went to school, made friends and played together, he wasn't even allowed to leave the house. It would have been too dangerous to survive for even an hour without his parents. They constantly had to recharge him with new batteries to keep him alive.

But now, 21 years later, Jack feels ready to finally do all the things he missed for years. To prove his parents that he can survive without them, he goes on a long, exciting journey around the world. He wants to do everything he has missed in the last few years and who knows what kind of adventures await him?

To be able to start his journey without any problems, he needs you. Guide him safely through the moving platforms without touching the spikes. Don't forget the race against time if Jack wants to survive.

What makes anything is possible different from all other platformers? Very simple: How many times have you played a platformer where not only is extremely difficult, but where the character disappears as well? 

This game requires a high degree of self-control, discipline and motivation. If you have these characteristics, you've come to the right place. If you don't have them, you're right here too, because remember one:
anything is possible

- A heavy single-player platformer that requires a high level of self-control
- Hand-drawn world, obstacles and character
- Two students, hobby game developers 

This game is still at a very early stage, so please contact us or leave a comment, we would be happy to receive your feedback.   If you want you can follow us for updates.

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At the moment we're working on the style and on new levels.

Thanks for playing! :)

Install instructions

Hi there! Thanks for downloading the game! Unpack the ".zip" and start "anything is possible".  


Download 48 MB
Download 47 MB
Download 48 MB


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oh, it s hard!

Hello Ruinty,

thank you so much for your honest feedback.
In fact, some parts of our game are very difficult. But all levels are achievable with a little patience! Don't give up and remember: anything is possible! 
We are currently in the process of improving the controls and adding an animation. After that the style will be improved and new levels will be created. To keep up with the latest changes, feel free to follow us. 

Many greetings,

your LionapeStudios team